Audience Response to "In the Land of Pomegranates"


Producer-director Hava Kohav Beller has done a great service to the cause of peace with her engrossing, illuminating documentary ‘In the Land of Pomegranates.’ Beller’s film is to be strongly recommended for the light it sheds and for the hope it raises for a future, if only there could be a political breakthrough. Her important movie Is a welcome contribution to the need for greater dialogue and further movement toward the peace process.
— William Wolf

…..Captures the full spectrum of ambivalence, conviction, wariness and good will. If an honest dialogue is the initial step toward reconciliation...Its complexity is salutary, its professional film-making skill exemplary.
— Philip Lopate

A monument to patience, objectivity and compassion.

Hava Kohav Beller has shown us that a dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians is the only way out of a violent and tragic stalemate that has lasted fifty years and more. Her beautiful camera work has found the dignity and intelligence in each interlocutor on both sides of the conflict. No one can see this film without being changed.
— Edmund White

In The Land of Pomegranates dramatically and even-handedly portrays the seemingly intractable problems of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by casting its net wide but judiciously. This includes a soul searching and painfully honest discussion by members of the young generation on both side of the conflict. It is a must see film for anyone looking for a sensitively nuanced yet highly informative examination of this heart breaking impasse between two peoples. In The Land of Pomegranates is not only a film, it is an experience.
— Arnold Steinhardt

What a beautiful, heart-wrenching movie you made. It both promised resolution and hinted at some unbridgeable gaps, even among people of good will. But the effort to reconcile was a powerful image, and one that I feel lingers long after the film.
— A.A.

The movie was extraordinary! We were so moved by it, informed by it, and both hopeful for positive outcomes and disturbed by the total distrust and ignorance of history the Palestinians had. You show us the door to the only possible solution to peace in the Middle East, and that is both dialogue, and as the tour leader said…education!

You did such a fantastic job of showing the problems, the realities and the points of view…The people you chose to highlight hit the nail on the head. Persistent trauma, destruction, hatred, coupled with the ordinary…and then…the miracle of life for a little boy. wow. What a landscape of people.

Congratulations on a magnificent and very very important documentary.
— Arlene

A brilliant film on a subject that many have handled, but this is unique.

I was emotionally moved by the story of the cameraman and his wife, and their post trauma story. I never saw anyone show the after effects of what happened to the people involved. It was touching, moving and painful.
— L.R.

... Hava Kohav Beller’s lovely, painful, undidactic documentary...
— R.B.

Intense. Amazed by the eloquence the Palestinians and Israelis gathered in Germany.….so good to see the deep humanity of everyone. Two traumatized peoples.….a superb film.

P.S. That was very well done. (pause) It wasn’t Disney
— J.M.

It’s an important film.
— H.J.

A very moving experience... I expect that the appeal will be transcendent.. and will provoke and inform throngs of caring and non-caring citizens throughout the world.
— S.W.
Watching In the Land of Pomegranates was a profound experience. I was deeply moved and felt connected with all the characters presented. The exchange between the Israelis and Palestinians was fascinating and personally I could have “stayed” in the room with them for hours. I loved the editing that helped connect emotionally charged sections with each other through the landscape of the beloved home of two people…
— O.B.

The movie was amazing. The problem trying to forge peace is so intractable.
— J.R.

I’m haunted by your film –still. I’ve talked about it with everyone I come in contact with.
— T.G.